Yorkie puppies for sale

Yorkie puppies for sale. We have Healthy Available Teacup Yorkie Poo, Yorkie, and Yorkies for sale near me, Our puppies are very loving and affectionate. They are great companions and they love to play. They are also very smart and easy to train. Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale


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Yorkie for sale

We Invite you to our Yorkie Puppies Website! We’re here to aid and support anyone who intends to enter into the Yorkie puppy family members. We have Yorkie Puppies offered. As soon as a puppy is put, we’re readily available for any information you may require to help you in elevating your Yorkie. We wish to make certain that both you and the pup have a smooth change.

These spectacular dogs will take your heart with their funny shenanigans as well as wonderful characters. Take a look as well as hang on to your heart. We want to Thanks for offering us this time to show you our lovely Teacup Yorkie and Tiny Teacup Yorkie pups. We concentrate on elevating healthy and satisfied pups. We believe that we have the finest quality Teacup Yorkies

yorkies for sale
Yorkies for sale


The Yorkie is a beautiful small dog that a lot favors to be held on its owner’s lap throughout the day. They have a dose of perspective combined with an intense and also lively nature and are considered a real and loyal friend.


This pet dog is smart, lively, as well as courageous. They concentrate entirely on their proprietor and are exceptionally caring. It has been claimed that a Yorkie requires much more human companionship and also attention than any other breed.


The Yorkie can be territorial as well as likes to have their room appreciated. They are forgiving of older kids if treated with care. The Yorkie can also be rather independent and assertive. They hit it off with various other family pets.

Care: Yorkie poo for sale

This type’s layer requires everyday grooming. The hair on top of the head, if grown long, is typically secured with a band or bow. However, if the Yorkie is not being used for show, after that the layer may be clipped short. Ears as well as eyes should be cleaned up daily. Oral hygiene is also essential.

Coat: Yorkie puppies for sale

The Yorkie’s coat is not coarse but is fine and silky to the touch. Unlike other breeds, which have fur, the Yorkshire has hair that is growing constantly. They have no undercoat and do not shed.

Training & Activity

This breed is quick to learn. However, they may become willful in which case training of any kind can become difficult. Training must have consistency and firmness. They do not like to be ignored, so lots of praise will bring out the best in their training. Yorkies require minimal exercise and are suited for short walks and are ideal for apartment living or homes with small yards. They love to chase shadows, lay in sunbeams, and tug of war. The more attention this breed receives the better.


Blue and tan. Yorkies are born black, gradually attaining their blue and tan coloration as they mature. Yorkie puppies for sale, Yorkies for sale, Yorkie for sale, Yorkies for sale near me, Yorkie poo for sale, Yorkies for sale near me, Yorkie poo for sale California

Shipping is available (Shipping Prices and Policy)

We will ship puppies if and when the weather permits. We always use Priority Pet Services for all of our dog/puppy air deliveries. Priority Pet/VIP Service gives you “PRIORITY” This provides a climate-controlled pressurized environment as well as the quickest and most direct flight available. During June, July & August we sometimes opt to use night flights to provide comfortable travel temperatures. These are the safest and only methods we use besides hand delivery.

I have personally had a tour of the air terminal and plane facilities where my puppies are placed for their flight. We ship our Yorkie puppies to all fifty states in the USA including Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Canada

If there is a problem with shipping, I will do what I can to help, but it is your responsibility to deal with the airline to resolve any shipping or customs issues for your puppy. We certainly wouldn’t consider shipping if it wasn’t safe, It’s “almost” too easy, for everyone involved

When shipped, your puppy will be sent in an airline-approved shipping crate. In the crate, there will be a towel or baby blanket, a puppy toy, water, and food for your puppy. We are Select Breeders, you will also receive coupons/discounts on Pet Insurance, a shipping kennel, and USDA Veterinarian Health Certificate for shipping, acclamation certificate (note:) health certificate is from a certified veterinarian. All of these are the papers necessary for your puppy to be shipped and travel across state lines. These papers will be provided to the airline for the shipping of your puppy. Shipping through major International airports that support live animal shipments is accepted for transport.

shipments can only be done early in the morning when this case applies. During these warm climates, we reserve the right to ship at a schedule that permits us to ship the puppy. We only use major airlines to ship our puppies priority, these are airlines we have used previously and have checked out extensively.

We also ask once you receive your puppy let us know its condition and that it has arrived in a clean crate with food and water given at the appropriate times. All your health records are being sent with your puppy and some paperwork will be mailed to the address that the puppy has been shipped to (for your vet). If you have an imported puppy it can take several weeks for the paperwork to come from overseas. When your paperwork does come from overseas, I will fill everything out and send it ASAP in the post, unless your puppy was purchased as a pet without papers